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Bringing World-class Healthcare…Close to Home!

Our mission is simple. Provide each patient with an exceptional experience throughout the entire continuum of care, delivered by a team of dedicated physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals, in a safe and compassionate environment.

Helping and Healing the Communities we Serve. Healing is our focus.  Recognizing the central role healthcare plays in the community we are looking forward to partnering with you in promoting wellness and healthy living!

About Florence Community Healthcare

In 1997, Initiative Healthcare Inc., our parent company, became one of the first organizations to develop a hospital delivery system designed with the patient in mind.  From ease of access to innovative floor plans designed for patient safety and physician collaboration, Initiatives has been a leader in patient-centered facilities.  In 2006 Initiatives expanded it’s focus to include community-based hospitals and Florence Community Healthcare became part of Initiatives vision to expand their services into rural areas in 2007.  Initiatives slogan “There’s a hospital in hospitality” has influenced the footprint they are leaving in the Florence Community.  Upon completion of the Florence Community Healthcare facility, over 200 new jobs will be added to the region.  Enhancing local economies, providing excellent career opportunities and providing world-class care close to home continues to be the gold standard Initiatives brings to the communities it serves.  In May of 2009 transformation of the former Pinal General Hospital began.  Renovation will continue until completion in late Fall 2009.  With the addition of private rooms, state-of-the-art technologies and the full-spectrum of medical and surgical services, Florence Healthcare will be the premier healthcare delivery system in the region.

About Initiatives Healthcare

Initiatives Healthcare, Inc the parent company of Florence Community Healthcare (FCHC) is based on Boise, Idaho, with offices in Chicago, Salt Lake City, and London.  Founded in 1997, IHI is a hospital management company whose purpose is to provide superior patient focused healthcare.  IHI is known for founding and building state-of the-art-facilities, including the University of Utah’s Orthopaedic Center, the University of Missouri’s Missouri Orthopaedic Institute as well as others.  Their model is patient focused from ease of access to wellness and health education.  Known for putting the “hospitality” in hospitals, they are leaders in the field of innovation in the healthcare industry and receive high marks from patients, physicians and employees.  Florence Community Healthcare will be managed similar to other IHI entities and will provide the region and community with much needed healthcare services as well as wellness and healthy living education.

Initiatives Healthcare is committed to being a leader in the regions they serve.  “Providing world-class healthcare, close to home.”

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